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INSORGIAMO Soli Stickers

Insorgiamo Solidarity Stickers

The Insorgiamo movement started in 2021, when a supplier factory for the automotive industry in Florence, Italy, wanted to shut down and put all its workers on the street. Those in turn organized themselves, occupied said factory and started a process that bridges socialist thought and climate action.

This sticker was produced by manually vectorizing one of the movements iconic manifestation banner with its bright red background and constructivist typography. Insorgiamo means "We rise up" and is a call to action to resist the capitalist appropriation of people and planet.

Articles on Insorgiamo (English) (German)

All profits of this solidarity action are donated to the Insorgiamo movement ( You can get packs of 10, 13 or 25 stickers.

The sticker is released under CC0 1.0 ( and the source files can be obtained via


  • Image of INSORGIAMO Soli Stickers
  • Image of INSORGIAMO Soli Stickers